• CISL 650 Mornings with Tom Lucas | 6am - 9am

    Tom was born in Montreal, raised in Vancouver, and has been involved in radio for nearly 30 years! He startaed his own radio show in the basement of his parents' home when he was a kid. When he wasn't broadcasting, Tom was hanging around radio stations. READ THE BLOG
  • Anthony Gismondi - Best of Food and Wine | Thursdays 6p - 7p

    Anthony Gismondi is one of North America’s most influential wine critics. He is Editor-in-chief at Wine Access, Canada’s national wine magazine and has been a weekly wine columnist for the Vancouver Sun since 1989. Anthony is also founder and Publisher of gismondionwine.com. READ THE BLOG
  • Drive Home with Simone | Weekdays 3p - 6p

    With over 15 years of broadcasting experience in radio, television and online digital content. She's also danced in a Bollywood film, performed standup comedy in LA, given childbirth... but somehow she can't pronounce the word intricate. READ THE BLOG
  • Great Getaways

    Award winning travel host, Cheryl MacKinnon features one on one interviews with 'in the know' travel professionals, and spectacular stories about world-class travel every week. READ THE BLOG
  • Driving With Zack Spencer | Saturdays 9am

    Zack Spencer is an award winning auto journalist with over twenty years experience. With a down to earth approach to car buying, Zack keeps the average buyer in mind when he discusses cars. It is a thrill to have "Driving With Zack Spencer" on CISL 650. READ THE BLOG
  • Red Robinson | Sundays Noon - 4pm

    Red Robinson - basically a broadcaster - but a multi-talented dynamo - entrepreneur - promoter - programmer - producer - performer - archivist - author - benefactor - builder-upper - distinguished citizen, and founder and President of Red Robinson Management Ltd. READ THE BLOG
  • Radio Real Estate

    Radio Real Estate blends humor, wit, approachability and most importantly vast real estate knowledge and experience into a one hour show that will leave you wanting more. Tune in Saturday mornings from 10 am to 11 am and become wiser about real estate and be entertained along the way! READ THE BLOG
  • Joanne Sutton

    CISL 650 host, Joanne Sutton is a veteran in the Vancouver radio scene and has been with the CISL family for more than 17 years. Catch Joanne on an upcoming Boomer Life show. READ THE BLOG
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