RCMP 1 - Goat 0

Posted By: Stirling Faux · 9/29/2015 8:21:00 AM

It must be a slow day when the Saskatchewan RCMP have to arrest an insubordinate goat from a Tim Hortons.




You’ve heard it said that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police always get their man. This time the Mounties got their goat.

It seems the Mounties were called to a Tim Hortons coffee shop in Martensville, Saskatchewan Sunday morning to remove an uncooperative goat.

The goat wasn’t causing any problems beyond refusing to leave the shop. Apparently it was cold outside and the goat found out that the automatic doors worked just fine to keep letting him inside where it was warm.

After a few trips in and out of the shop the Mounties finally “arrested” the goat and placed him in a police car.

“Arrested” goat in back of RCMP vehicle

The goat was taken around to some farms in the area but no one claimed ...

Author Cathie Borrie

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In honour of World Alzheimer's Month I had a chance to speak with the author of The Long Hello, Cathie Borrie. If you have a chance to pick it up you won't be disappointed. Visit Cathie's website here

Duck Mom Needs Some Help

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So Cute




This mummy duck kept quacking at people passing by this drain. They weren’t sure what she was trying to tell them until they discovered her little ducklings had fallen through and she was asking for help... The moment they’re reunited is the cutest ever! JK and Lucy xxxVia: noviny.sk

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