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Almost everyone seeks some health care at least once each year. Health continues to be a top priority for the public, especially with current hospital wait times and access limitations.

Join the discussion each week as Dr. Don Nixdorf and guests offer perspectives on health care, research and policy. Expert guests complete the conversation, providing an honest view of topics discussed. Learn how to stay healthy and get the most benefit from our care system. From addressing common back pain to health care reform, Dr. Nixdorf has you covered.

Take control of your health. With knowledge, we can become our own advocates and make more informed decisions about health and wellness for ourselves, and our families.

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Empowered Health with Dr. Don is a proud supporter of the Canadian Chiropractic Research Foundation.

Dr. Don Nixdorf received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 1972 and has since practiced in Richmond, BC. After serving on both the Chiropractic Association and College boards, Dr. Nixdorf became Executive Director of the British Columbia Chiropractic profession in 1985. He is a participant in several studies and Commissions and a member of national and provincial agencies including the Canada Pension Plan.

No stranger to radio, Dr. Nixdorf was involved in two open-line radio health programs previously. His work on behalf of the profession keeps him in frequent contact with health ministers, other professionals, media, insurance companies and community organizations.

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