The Good Life Show, hosted by internationally renowned, award-winning broadcaster and journalist Jesse Dylan, features topical and well-known guests such as Dr. Wayne Dyer, Dr. Michael Roizen and Mark Victor Hansen (co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series).

Both the website and the radio show are designed to help people find answers to key questions about health, anti-aging, lifestyles, sports, fitness, and wellness. Each week Jesse creates a highly informative and entertaining look at the world of health issues.

From anti-aging and preventative techniques, to exercise and inspirational stories, this radio show keeps listeners engaged and uplifted.

About Jesse Dylan

Twenty-five years ago Jesse Dylan received a reply letter from a radio station that said he had no personality and they wouldn't hire him, not even for the all-night show.

Not long after that, Jesse was named on-air personality of the year nationwide and featured in a documentary as one of the top 5 radio personalities in the world. He became one of the country's top morning radio personalities and won many prestigious awards.

Says Jesse, "It was a lesson I learned early on about following my dreams and not the opinions of others".

In the spring of 1997 Jesse was training for the World Long Distance Championships as a member of the National Canadian Triathlon Team. After being told by doctors that he would have to give up the sport of triathlon due to a chronic back injury, Jesse was introduced to a product that gave him a profound experience.

Jesse successfully competed in the World Long Distance Championships in Nice, France in June of that year. He became so intrigued by alternative healthcare products that he began building a
business dedicated to helping people enhance their overall wellness - in mind, body and spirit.
"We are seeing a huge shift in society towards alternative complementary medicine," Jesse says. "Collectively our priorities are shifting. We're recognizing that the most important thing is a holistic approach - wellness in every sense of the word."

Today The Good Life Show (Health Anti-Aging Lifestyle Options) is a multimedia company with a syndicated nationwide radio program. In addition to hosting The Good Life Show Radio, Jesse is The Good Life Show's President and CEO.

The Good Life Show covers all the important issues of overall health maintenance and longevity - from traditional approaches of western medicine and health care, to the many fascinating holistic and integrative methods.
Featuring interviews with New York Times best-selling authors, doctors, top motivational speakers, high-profile athletes, product innovators and successful entrepreneurs, The Good Life Show keeps listeners engaged and uplifted.
Jesse walks his talk and lives his dream. He's still training for triathlons. Along with his wife of 23 years, Jesse is very involved in the lives of his three teenage sons. And through The Good Life Show, he is providing a platform that allows others to attain their dreams.


Sundays: 7:30am - 8:30am